The longer you treat people with Gua sha, the more you see patterns in how the body reacts when certain symptoms are prevalent. My North African clinic was focused on people with chronic issues who were often medicated to relieve their symptoms but not to alleviate the...

You may be wondering what lubricant you can use with your Gua sha tool. If you've read any of my material, you'll know that I don't have any that I specifically recommend as I think you can get results with a whole range of options from vapour rub to olive oil. However...

We seem to really like worrying! According to an Optimism Audit in the UK, we spend an average of almost 2 hours a day, nearly 13 hours a week and four years and 11 months worrying across our lifetime. 

What do we worry about the most you may wonder? Well you might reco...

Firstly, the disclaimer! If you are a practitioner, please check with the area where you live to see what requirements there are for the cleaning of Gua sha tools which may differ from the information here.  

Okay. So if you have a Gua sha tool, the chances are tha...

You know that unpleasant feeling. The saliva in your mouth increases, you can feel sweat building up on your forehead, you've suddenly gone deathly pale, your heart is pounding and something feels very wrong in your stomach area. Some people get these symptoms once in...

You can find all sorts of weird and wonderful Gua Sha scraping tools. Some are relatively cheap and others jaw droppingly expensive. If you don't fancy spending your hard-earned cash on specially made tools, there are things that are probably sitting around your house...

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