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Clive Witham Gua sha Barcelona


Change how you see the body using the knowledge of the natural world!

In this 2 Day course, you'll be introduced to ECOLOGY IN MOTION (EIM) BODY GUA SHA, a unique way of looking at Gua sha, using ancient Chinese ecological ideas to transform your health and wellness results. 

If you want to master Gua sha for health and wellness, this is it!


This course is to make YOU a competent, confident EIM Body Gua sha practitioner! You may be a massage practitioner, manual therapist, esthetician, acupuncturist, tuina or shiatsu practitioner, naturopath and other related health and wellness professional. 

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Clive Witham Gua sha Barcelona

EIM Body Gua sha looks at the body and Gua sha from another angle using the principles of nature at its core. It will allow you to understand illness and how the body becomes impaired and also the role that Gua sha has in restoring circulation and helping to treat illness.

Once you hear the simplicity and beauty of the explanations, you'll wonder why no one told you before! This is a game-changer and will transform how you work with Gua sha!


  • Transform how you do Gua sha with knowledge of ancient Chinese ecological principles 

  • Treat the neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, chest, legs and feet confidently

  • Learn how to follow the circulation patterns of the body

  • Apply your knowledge to be able to treat anyone and know exactly what you're doing

  • Apply the patterns found in rivers, trees, plants and the ecosystem around to the body

  • Make connections between how the body works and universal principles of life

  • Explore the river/channel systems in detail

  • Understand Gua sha from many perspectives

  • Treat safely with the right tools and equipment 

  • Know when to treat and when not

  • Understand acute and chronic conditions and how to adapt 

  • Learn treatment strategies for common ailments and how to implement them 



Gua sha Clive Witham

Clive has 20+ years experience in using Gua sha and is a world leading innovator. He is a licenced acupuncturist, qualified Health Promotion Specialist and runs a health and research center in Barcelona, Spain. He is Director of the Komorebi Institute which is dedicated to Gua sha and spent 10 years running a chronic illness clinic in North Africa. He also has a world program of Gua sha projects, wrote 5 books on Gua sha and is President of ANMA.

Gua sha Clive Witham
Gua sha Clive Witham
Gua sha Clive Witham
Self healing with Chinese Medicine
Gua sha Facial Clive Witham
Gua sha Clive Witham
Gua sha Clive Witham
Gua sha Clive Witham
Gua sha Clive Witham


Feb 18 & 19 2023

9.30am - 6pm



​ANMA Center for Health and Research

Carrer Aragón 186 1º4º, 08011 Barcelona.

(This is in Eixample, in the centre of the city, and can be easily accessed from any direction)


Space is limited in our Research Center and places are on a first-come-first-served basis. Reserve your place asap to ensure we have an available spot for you.
f not, you may be disappointed!

You can buy this course alone or you can combine it with either Facial Gua sha Level 1 and/or Facial Gua sha Level 2 classes. Choose the appropriate link below and reserve your place. Any technical issues, don't hesitate to email


Early-bird price has finished!


Price for Body 1 (Feb 18-19) and Facial 1 (March 9-10)


Price for Body 1 (Feb 18-19), Facial 1 (March 9-10) & Facial 2 (Match 11-12)

Gua Sha class Barcelona
Gua sha class Barcelona
Gua sha class Barcelona


If you have any questions, go ahead and ask by email. Once you're signed up and paid, I'll send you everything you need!

These are the booking Terms & Conditions:

Early bird Rate: In order to benefit from this, payment must take place before the end of the day on 31st Dec 2022.

Cancellation: I offer a full no-questions-asked refund within 14 days of the purchase of the workshop, after which time NO refunds will be allowed.

If you are unable to attend, you can provide details of another health and wellness professional who will replace you in the workshop. Any refunds resulting from this are less a 10% service fee.

If I have to reschedule or cancel the workshop at any time, you will be offered the option to transfer to another workshop or a full refund.

If booking accommodation to attend my workshop, please book a room/flight that is refundable/changeable or ensure you have travel insurance which might cover this. In the unlikely event that the workshop is cancelled or rescheduled by me, I will not be liable for any costs that arise from the cancellation of participant travel/accommodation.


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