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This is an EXCLUSIVE opportunity to learn a new kind of Gua sha based on the natural ecological ideas of ancient Chinese medicine. It shows you how to incorporate an innovative, and totally unique way of treating with Gua sha called ECOLOGY IN MOTION and covers everything you need to be an EXPERT, CONFIDENT GUA SHA PRACTITIONER, from the science to the practical techniques, putting you head-and-shoulders above your peers!

Do you want to enhance your skills and confidently treat with Gua sha & Facial Gua sha both personally and professionally in a comprehensive program?

Do you want to understand how Gua sha works as part of a complete system from the Ancient Chinese for making real holistic changes in health and wellbeing?

Do you want to learn from a real clinician and best-selling author who has seen and treated thousands of patients and taught these techniques widely?

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I guess I can comfortably say that I'm an established expert in Gua sha. My books are in 5 languages and I run a health and research center in Barcelona, Spain. I'm author of Self-Healing with Chinese Medicine, Gua sha: A Complete Self treatment Guide, Facial Gua Sha: A Step-by-step guide to a natural facelift and Holographic Gua sha: A Practical Microsystem Handbook. I've been a licensed acupuncturist for 20+ years and am a qualified Health Promotion Specialist. 

If you would like to know more about me, then read his short bio here

Ecology in Motion by Clive Witham

Who is this online Gua sha course for?

This unique Gua sha program is for those who treat or want to treat people with Gua sha - including health and body professionals like massage therapists, naturopaths and physical therapists, but also anyone who wants a thorough knowledge to treat other people safely and effectively. 

What's included in the EIM Program?

 The 10 modules are packed with information following these three  phases to make you into a confident, competent Gua sha practitioner! 


Transform how you do Gua sha with knowledge of ancient Chinese ecological principles 
Apply the patterns found in rivers, trees, plants and the ecosystem around to the body
Make connections between how the body works and universal principles of life
Explore the river/channel systems in detail


Understand Gua sha from many perspectives
Treat safely with the right tools and equipment 
Know when to treat and when not
Understand acute and chronic conditions and how to adapt 


Treat the neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, chest, legs and feet confidently
Learn how to follow the circulation patterns of the body
Apply your knowledge to be able to treat anyone and know exactly what you're doing

What do people say about the Program?

I’ve been a massage therapist for 26 years, and I’m truly loving what I have learned!! I went to see my chiropractor, I was telling him that I have been certified in Gua Sha!! He was telling me he has diabetes and his feet are prickly and numb! So I went the following week and I worked on him!! The next day he called me and told me he’s feet didn’t feel like that anymore!! The way you talk about the rivers, and how they can get blocked!!! OMG I get it!! So amazing it is like MAGIC!!! I would give you 100,000 stars!!! The way you teach, is awesome, I have loved every class !! Can’t wait to take the next class!!! I’m a true BELIEVER!!! Thank you so much for your time and effort putting this together for us bodyworkers, to make a DIFFERENCE!!! 

In honesty, I did look many times online for a class on it, but nothing that really said “this is the class.” After taking your course I’ve become so passionate about it that I use it every chance I get.  The wise words, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” rings true.

Extremely good course, very informative; I loved the translation into Chinese medicine in referring it to nature and the rivers - made a lot of sense. I feel very confident in treating further and more knowledge in what I'm doing.

Loved the course and the simplicity of treating many things/conditions by thinking about the rivers! Its given me lots of confidence to take it out into the clinic!


What Gua sha can do on a Personal level

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Clive Witham Gua sha course learn audien

Clive teaching a Gua sha course at a Spanish University

"But I'm not sure whether to enrol or not"

Yes, of course. Unless you've read any of my books or seen any of my videos, you won't know who I am. And why should you trust your hard earned money to complete stranger? I get it. And I agree. I sometimes do online training with acupuncture (it's been difficult to travel sometimes from my base in North Africa) and I have to be really sure that the course is worth it as they aren't cheap. 

So allow me to tell you something first on a personal level about the years on my Japanese island to show you how useful this knowledge was to me and my family. Have you ever seen a picture in a magazine and it looked like your idea of paradise? Maybe it had a deserted beach, palm trees, the sun setting. And have you ever thought about giving everything up and just going somewhere exactly like that picture?


Well we did. We lived in paradise for two years with giant turtles, wild monkeys, ancient forests and yes a deserted beach with palm trees.


This is the actual island

It was here that I really learned the value of Gua sha. With two children under 10 years old who hated needles of any kind (I'm an acupuncturist, remember), my wife and I kept them strong and healthy the whole time and helped them through things like stomach upsets, colds, coughs and stiff necks with Gua sha. My wife (she's the one on the front cover of my Gua sha books) became a baker and I, a crew member on a flying fish boat and so we had our own rather different Gua sha health needs!    


I can honestly say that without the knowledge I had, I would have been disempowered in regards to my family's health. Instead we had something real that we could do for each other. Okay I have a whole other bag of tricks having been trained in Chinese medicine and in using needles, cupping, moxa etc, but Gua sha is a treatment I returned to time and again partly because you don't need anything special to do it, you can do it anywhere and it can be so effective if you do it right!

What Gua sha can do on a Professional level

And now something on a professional level. Over the years, I have experimented with Gua sha in my clinic and some of that I put into the 4 books I published. My wife has been a massage therapist for 20 years and she ended up ditching most of the massage techniques she used to use in favor of Gua sha simply because it was more effective and it was what most of the patients in our clinic wanted. We found that people just want to feel better - maybe less pain, maybe more relaxed, maybe less anxious, maybe reduced symptoms. Whatever it is, they want to feel better. They don't have to feel better right there and then but they have to feel like they are on an upward trajectory to wellness. It was like - why waste time doing long treatments when you can get as good or better results in half the time and effort? Well, Gua sha allows you to do this.

Gua sha program Clive Witham neck should

When it comes to a being a practitioner, your best asset is your skills. Without the right techniques, it will be very difficult to have a thriving practice. This program will help you acquire just that and is perfect for anyone who wants to combine ancient Chinese wisdom with manual techniques. You will learn the tips, tricks and clinical secrets that took years to develop and how to deeply understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. 

Frequently asked questions

Why should I do your course?

I believe that you shouldn't do Gua sha without good solid training but there are of course many ways you can train. If you decide to take a course - how do you choose it? Maybe you choose a course on price, maybe you choose on content, maybe you choose on a gut feeling. I would hope that you choose this course on what the knowledge I have gained over the years can do to enhance and maximize your skills in Gua sha. And I guarantee you - this course is absolutely unique. 

I don't just knock out videos on a whim. I've spent so many years writing books that I approach the content of my videos as I do my written material and try to give the best I can every time. I really want this information to be understood and used. 


Let me give you an analogy. If you want to learn tennis, do you takes classes with the baseball coach? Sure, the baseball coach knows how to swing and hit a ball and I'm sure knows about tennis, but in order to play tennis, I mean to really play tennis, you need a tennis coach, right? So likewise with Gua sha - anyone can teach it (and they do) but who do you want to learn with? The one who knows how to do it or the one who knows how you can do it. I think the answer is simple!              

When can I start the course?

Enrollment takes place several times a year. You just need to choose your course, pay the appropriate amount and you'll have access to the course when it starts which may be right away.

Can I take my time finishing the course?

You can take as long as you like. There is no time limit. When you buy the course, you're buying it for life!

Where can I ask questions or get help?

You can contact us at

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Need to ask a question? Ask it here!

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