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Gua sha Certification

Are you ready to truly understand Gua sha?

We're passionate about helping you unlock the full potential of Gua sha. Our unique approach, Ecology in Motion™ (EIM), combines ancient Chinese principles with modern research to revolutionize the way you understand and use Gua sha for health and beauty.


Our comprehensive, interactive, and internationally recognized courses are designed for practitioners looking to stand out, improve their skills, and incorporate Gua sha into their treatments. Join us and discover the transformative power of Gua sha today!

Gua sha courses - Gua sha certification - Gua sha books - Gua sha classses
Gua sha courses - Gua sha certification - Gua sha books - Gua sha classses

EIM (Ecology in Motion™) is a unique understanding of Facial and Body Gua sha within the context of the natural world, that takes the effectiveness and efficiency of your treatments to the next level.

There are 2 parts to this program:

  • The EIM (Ecology in Motion™): Body Gua sha Foundation

    which takes you through the world of ancient Chinese ecological ideas, and applies them to the treatment of ailments in the body. 

  • The EIM (Ecology in Motion™): Facial Gua sha Foundation

    which incorporates ancient ideas of Chinese medicine to Facial Gua sha to give you the necessary knowledge to provide world-class beauty treatments.

The two courses can be taken individually, however, completing both will provide a more comprehensive understanding of the subject.

The Facial Gua sha Basics programs are a set of basic but comprehensive facial Gua sha-focused courses.

There are 2 individual courses:

  • The Starter Course

    which teaches you how to treat clients quickly and easily with Facial Gua sha. 

  • The Self-Care Course

    which teaches you how to treat yourself, incorporating facial Gua sha into your daily beauty routine.

I'll introduce you to the simple ideas of Chinese medicine so that you can get all the benefits of Facial Gua sha but without the need to go too deep! 

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Facial Gua sha

A natural approach to Facial Gua sha which gives you everything you need to really understand the face and body. Learn how to target your treatments and bring ancient Chinese knowledge of beauty and nature into your treatments.

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Body Gua sha

Focus on the body and health, and learn an innovative and totally unique approach to Gua sha on the body called Ecology in Motion™. Be a part of a select group of practitioners who are the future of Gua sha!    

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Facial & Body Gua sha

Master the body and the face with both EIM Body Gua sha and EIM Facial Gua sha certificate courses. Learn how to combine beauty and health with a complete treatment program of the face and body! 

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Combine beauty and health

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Starter Basics Course

Join the Starter Program and learn the only real way of looking at beauty, the face and Gua sha! Use simple tricks from the world of Chinese medicine to transform your beauty and health results!

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Self-Care Basics Course

Learn the original Facial Gua sha self-care routine based on the best of Chinese medicine! Follow the program, designed especially by Clive Witham, and take the 6-week Facial Gua sha challenge!

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