GUA SHA: A Complete Self-treatment Guide

Gua sha is a simple, effective scraping technique used for centuries in the Far East for maintaining health and helping to prevent and combat ailments such as headaches, colds, neck and shoulder pain, anxiety, backache, insomnia and depression. 

This definitive guide, by a leading acupuncturist and health educator, takes you step-by-step through everything you need to do to treat yourself and others both safely and securely within a holistic vision of health and well-being. It includes 174 pages of anatomical information, key points and channels in Oriental medicine and clearly explained techniques for treating your whole body from head to toe, including facial Gua sha. 

Packed with accessible information and fully illustrated, anyone with an interest in their own health and wellbeing, whether you are just curious or a professional, can benefit from this essential guide.

Gua Sha Guide Book Clive Witham

Beautifully illustrated and very well researched. This manual is comprehensive in describing the history of gua sha and how it works, but also provides detailed instruction how anyone may use the techniques either for self healing or for improving the health of family and friends. Soon to become a trusted source for both the lay person and anyone in the healing arts such as massage therapists, physiotherapist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners alike.

Doreen Hill


Good book to go with the Gua Sha tools!

Shane Clark


I am so impressed with this book! As a Licensed Acupuncturist, I found this book to be well written with clear photos and explanations. It is written for the layperson, which is great. Even better, the author outlines the Chinese medicine explanation of Gua Sha as well as the meridians. Very well done and user friendly whether you have a background in Chinese medicine or not. The book is organized in a logical format making it easy to quickly look up are area that needs attention without digging through the entire book. Highly recommend this for anyone!



This book has inspired me to use Gua Sha more in my own acupuncture practice. As I was reading the review copy, some of my current patients popped into my head that it would be beneficial for. It offers practical advice in how to apply gua sha to different parts of the body, lovely anecdotal stories putting it into context with the all important history of it being rooted in the wisdom of Chinese medicine. In the past I've used gua sha in my own Clinic mainly for back problems, viral conditions and also for cosmetic reasons (to improve the flow of qi and blood to the facial skin). However, I have learned about so many more conditions for which it would be helpful from this book. I'd most definitely recommend it to other bodywork practitioners and for home use, as it is informative, interesting and an enjoyable book to read too.

Wendy Morrison


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Gua Sha Guide Book Clive Witham

I have had tension in my neck that I have suffered with for a long time . The first time I used the gua sha it went away and has not returned. Very Happy!



I've learned a lot from this book, not finished with it yet, but have tried qua sha on my neck and it does help. I have to do it sometimes daily and then again only every couple days. Cheaper than going to a message therapist or a chiropractor all the time with the same results.

Giselda D. Babbitt

New York, USA

Excellent way to relax with benefits of healing which we can do for ourselves. Easy to use and highly recommend.



This is a very useful book. I went to physical therapy for tendinitis, and received ASTYM treatment. When my Medicare ran out last year, I bought this book and tools to continue the treatment at home by myself.

Mary Jeswald


Easy to read and informative, this book gives a clear description of the theory behind, as well as detailed instructions on how to use various gua sha techniques. A must for any TCM practitioner wishing to deepen their understanding of the subject.

Natalie Saunders


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Gua sha Guide Book Clive Witham

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Gua sha Guide Book Clive Witham

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