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Headaches and Gua sha

Headaches tell us far more about the body than they do about the head. The body is a complicated 3 dimensional organism which is intricately connected to the feelings that we experience in the head - both on a physical and mental level.


It should come as no surprise therefore that pain in the head is more often than not a reflection of something happening in the body. This means that rather than treating where the pain is - the head - one must treat the source of the pain - the body.

This is where Holographic Gua sha comes to the fore. The head can be treated on the hand, the fingers, the foot, the toes, the arms and legs, the ear, the back and the chest.


It is based a simple application of universal natural patterns on how the body functions and can dramatically transform both how you think about Gua sha and how you treat with it.  

Watch this video for how to treat headaches:

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