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Facial Gua sha: Connecting Body and Face for Vibrancy and Vitality - Part 2

Facial Gua sha technique demonstration with Facial Gua sha tool for before and after Facial Gua sha treatment

Video Transcript

Facial Gua sha: A Path to Vibrancy and Vitality

Hello and Facial Gua sha is all about bringing the vibrancy and vitality back to your face. Now how do you do that? You do that by connecting the body with your face. Now one of the interesting things is the direct connection between your body and your face. So let's have a look at one small area and see how it's connected.

Addressing Aging Features: Crow's Feet

So, lots of people get worried about aging features, and one of them is crow's feet, which appear at the lateral side of your eyes, over the orbital cavity, and towards the temple area. These lines are, of course, the lines that show that you've lived a good life and you've laughed a lot. But if you want to try and make changes in this area and you don't want to inject it with a bunch of artificial chemicals, then a great way is to think about how this area is connected with the rest of the body and how you can improve the movement of blood flow within the area connected to the crow's feet area.

So, first of all, let's have a look at the movement in your body that is connected with crow's feet. Here it is!

Understanding the Gallbladder Sinew Channel

It's an outward movement. This is the movement of the muscle chain that is connected with the area often affected by crow's feet. This is the movement of the gallbladder muscle chain or gallbladder sinew channel - there are lots of different names - but what we're talking about is a chain of muscles that go down your body all the way to your toes.

Now, the gallbladder sinew channel is a chain of muscles that you use when you make a certain large movement in your body, and they are often connected with the actual movement of your eyes. So, if you can understand that this area here is connected with the gallbladder sinew channel, which is on the side of your body, then you have a good idea about how you might improve this area.

The Importance of Treating the Whole Body

So, the side of your body, the side of your legs, the side of your arms, the side of your trunk - these are the areas you need to treat with Gua sha. What happens if you ignore the connection between the area of crow's feet and the gallbladder channel? Well, the changes you make in this area won't last. They'll be temporary because the whole structure of your body is a certain way, and you need to unblock the things that are causing obstructions in this sinew chain. If you can unblock them, then the flow of blood through the connective tissue and muscles is going to improve.

So, how do you go about doing it...?

Check out the video:



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