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Gua sha online Certificate level 1 course

The Gua sha online Certificate level 1 course is starting on 20th Sept.

It's a comprehensive A-Z of everything you need to know and designed to create a new generation of confident Gua sha practitioners who not only get great results but know exactly what they're doing.

Not only does it have more videos than ever (there are 53), but it's packed with extras like an exclusive one-to-one tutorial with Clive, a 70 question exam, a practical assessment via video and case studies.

It's the most complete course I've done.

And add to that the often mind-blowing background of ancient ecological Chinese principles and not only do you learn Gua sha but a whole new way of looking at Chinese medicine, your body and the world!

The time has never been more apt for ecological Gua sha.

So buckle up, register (link is below) and I'll open up the door to something special.

Need some arm twisting? How about this? Here's some feedback on the last course:

"I’ve been a massage therapist for 26 years, and I’m truly loving what I have learned!! OMG I get it!! So amazing it is like MAGIC!!! I would give you 100,000 stars!!! The way you teach, is awesome, I have loved every class !! Can’t wait to take the next class!!!"

"In honesty, I did look many times online for a class on it, but nothing that really said “this is the class.” After taking your course I’ve become so passionate about it that I use it every chance I get. The wise words, 'when the student is ready, the teacher will appear' rings true."

If you want to feel that way about a course, come and join me.

But watch out!

The excitement is infectious!

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