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Where to buy Gua sha tools

You can find all sorts of weird and wonderful Gua Sha scraping tools. Some are relatively cheap and others jaw droppingly expensive. If you don't fancy spending your hard-earned cash on specially made tools, there are things that are probably sitting around your house that believe it or not may work just as fine.

These are some common borrowed scraping tools:

  • Chinese soup spoons

  • Jar lids

  • Smooth flat pebbles

Whatever it is it must have rounded smooth edges so that it won't damage skin.

See my video for more on which tool to buy:

For buying a tool, you can try amazon, ebay etc but here are some suggestions of specialist shops (let me know if you know of more places):


Guasha Now

Massage Supplies

Lhasa OMS

Guasha Shop


Eastern Currents Carbo Medical Supplies Lierre



Acupuncture Box


Harmony Medical



San Acupunture Supplies

Acupuncture Australia



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