The Book of Oriental Medicine:

A Complete Self-treatment Guide

The Book of Oriental Medicine Clive Witham

Addressing the issues of how and why illness occurs, this informative guide provides fresh Eastern perspectives on well-being, allowing readers to take control of their health.


With easy-to-understand explanations, clear illustrations, and straightforward treatment alternatives, previously unexplained signs and symptoms can be researched and dealt with.


Tried-and-true techniques developed over hundreds of years—diet, acupressure, massage, exercise, scraping, tapping, and lifestyle—are offered for common maladies from colds and high blood pressure to backache and depression.


Even readers with limited medical knowledge can learn to assess their own conditions and become proactive in lifestyle changes, overcoming the sense of powerlessness that is often experienced when dealing with chronic issues.

This was my first book and was the best part of 5 years in the making. It is published by a large publishing House, Inner Traditions, and is currently available in English, Spanish, French and Italian. I still think it is a fantastic reference book, but hey don't take my word for it. 

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Because of Amazon's insistence that every time we review a purchase there has to be a headline and at least 20 words, I don't usually review my purchases. I buy lots and I simply do not have the time. Clicking on a star takes less than a second, this takes time! A book therefore has to be exceptionally good for me to make the time to do this. This book is simply brilliant, and is the closest I have ever come to understanding Chinese Diagnosis systems, because of the wonderful way the author has of putting things into words and visualisations that I can understand, in some cases even using diagrams like the puffer fish. Brilliant, truly brilliant!

Angie Appleton


I loved the book. Sometimes I have been disappointed with books like these that I purchase. I was very pleased that the book was well-developed and will be on my reference shelf for sometime. I showed it to my qigong teacher and he purchased the book also.


Volcano, CA. USA

Clive Witham provides a full-blown introduction to many of the practices of oriental medicine for the occidental reader. He breaks the book into discrete parts that provide background (including his involvement) on oriental medicine, issues with eating, a series of exercises, pressure/acupuncture points with helpful diagrams, and ends with self-help treatments for various aliments. My wife was familiar with the concepts already, but greatly appreciated the exercises and the pressure point diagrams. She has taken to doing the exercises and encouraging myself and my son to do so as well. In all, a very helpful book.


Huntington, WV. USA

This book is easy to understand and very helpful! I would definitely recommend this interesting book to friends and family.



This is an excellent book/manual to have to refer to when you've got any kind of ailment. It's well presented and the illustrations are clear and easy to follow. It gives you the confidence and the ability to deal with health problems YOURSELF!Brilliant!But not only that, all the information about the body,lifestyle,diet, acupuncture, massage, tapping and scraping are fascinating and make sense. It's exciting when you realise you actually can have a lot more control over your health than you previously thought.It will be my first port of call now rather than heading straight for the doctor's, that's for sure.



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English Edition

The Book of Oriental Medicine Clive Witham

Spanish Edition

El Libro de Medicina Oriental Clive Witham

French Edition

Le livre de la médecine orientale : Guide complet d'autotraitement Clive Witham

Italian Edition

Il libro della medicina orientale. Guida completa all'autoguarigione Clive Witham