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Change the face and the body using the knowledge of the natural world! Learn Ecology in Motion, a fresh way of looking at Gua sha, using ancient Chinese ecological ideas to transform your Facial Gua sha beauty results. 

Does This Sound Like you?

  • You want to learn Facial Gua sha but you don't know where to begin.

  • You want more than a few techniques - you want something that will make a deep change.

  • You're looking for a fast, effective treatment with reliable results.

If so, then join the Ecology in Motion movement and transform how you do Facial Gua sha.

  • Learn how to incorporate the knowledge of nature in your treatments.


  • Start to target your treatments so they’re fast and efficient.

  • Understand every part of the treatment of Gua sha on the face.


  • Learn how to integrate Facial Gua sha into your routine.


  • Stand out, be different and increase your income at the same time.

This is what you will learn

PHASE #1: EIM Foundation

Core principles of Ecology in Motion
Learn and understand the natural world of Gua sha
Understand how the body works with EIM
Discover the overarching concept of what it takes to become a successful Facial Gua sha practitioner

PHASE #2: Analytical skills

Make the connections between the body and face
Understand how the face is set up
Apply circulation systems to the face
Discover how muscle knowledge can transform your treatment

PHASE #3: Practitioner Development 

Develop your Facial Gua sha skills
Improve your professional techniques
Create your own style
Gain confidence in everything that you do

PHASE #4: Application of EIM

Discover the sequence motions and movements
Use the circulation channels to confidently treat
Develop your skills over many parts of the body 
Learn how to organize your treatment

EIM Facial Gua sha Certificate Program.png

Come and join the revolution in

Facial Gua sha!

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