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Komorebi Institute Gua sha training
Clive Witham Komorebi Institute

Don't settle for mediocrity. Ascend to Mastery.

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Adi Kaplan
Facial Reflexologist

"A real game-changer! I can't wait to bring it into my clinic to treat my clients - they're going to love it! I absolutely loved it! And I highly, highly recommend it!"

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Hannah Adams
Holistic Therapist & Facialist

"I absolutely loved it! I've learnt so much and I can't wait to get back to my clients and start showing them how to bring out the potential of their inner beauty with Face and Body Gua sha!"

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Anette Selberg
Facial Gua sha Practitioner

"To see and to hear Clive work with the human body, it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience! I would recommend them to anyone I meet and I will give them 10 out of 10 points!"

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Amber McCool
Licensed Esthetician

"It was an amazing course that taught us lots of foundational principles. Go ahead and sign up for this course immediately!"

The Secret to Success:

Transform Your Clients, Transform Your Practice

What distinguishes a thriving, successful practice from a stagnant one? It's the ability to deliver significant, transformative changes to clients – consistently. That's what creates loyalty, sparks word-of-mouth recommendations, and drives your business forward.


To do that with Facial Gua sha, you need to understand its essence: it is a tissue treatment, not just a skin treatment.

Far from popular belief, Gua sha transcends the superficial realm of skin treatments and goes beyond just promoting lymphatic drainage..


It is about understanding and nurturing the complex three-dimensional biomatrix beneath the skin - from fascia, muscle, tendons, ligaments, to bones and fat - all contributing to our body's intricate circulatory system, the 'rivers' within us.

The true 'magic' of Gua sha lies in this profound reconnection with nature, journeying to understand our bodies on an intimate level. This understanding enables you to transform your clients' experiences, sparking loyalty and driving your business forward.

The True Power of Facial Gua sha

More than a Tool. A Pathway to Transformation.

These are useless

...without the right knowledge.

A Gua sha tool can either give you false expectations, or change a life.

Understanding the importance of skills and knowledge in achieving this cannot be overstated. Just as a beautifully carved chess piece finds its significance on the chessboard, the Gua sha tool only comes alive under skilled hands, gliding over the skin with precision and purpose.


Case Study:

Empower your practice with Profound Change

Leticia Loriente started out with a small holistic beauty center in the heart of Granada.


Like many, she was drawn to the commercial appeal of Facial Gua sha. She purchased the expensive tools and oils, followed the influencers, and offered the treatments.


But despite their best intentions the results were mediocre. Clients came and left, seldom returning. And she was left feeling she was missing something crucial.


"Am I using the right techniques?"

"Do I understand enough about Gua sha to explain it confidently to my clients?"

"Why aren't my results consistent?"

Frustrated, she realized they needed help.

That's when they discovered the Komorebi Institute. Deciding to give our course a chance, they took a leap of faith, not realizing it would completely revolutionize their practice.

In their learning process, they moved beyond the surface level understanding of Gua sha. They delved into the rich history and philosophy underlying the practice, learning to appreciate it as more than just a skin treatment.


The team learned to assess and treat facial features with confidence, incorporating knowledge about the circulatory, muscular, and myofascial connections in their treatment strategies.

As they implemented their newfound knowledge and skills, they noticed a remarkable shift in their practice.

  • She was able to offer comprehensive treatment plans to enhance both her Client's beauty and wellness

  • She was able to manage her Client's expectations by educating them effectively

  • Her treatment outcomes improved significantly

  • She experienced a surge in client satisfaction

Leticia started noticing an emotional shift in their clients. Clients reported feeling a deeper sense of relaxation and rejuvenation, a profound connection to their inner selves. They were not just looking better, but feeling better too.

Over the course of a year, she reported a 35% increase in client lifetime value, a 45% improvement in client return rate, and word-of-mouth referrals became a substantial source of new clients.


But who on Earth am I?

+20 Years of Research & Clinical Experience

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Meet Clive Witham

This journey, however, is more than a professional trajectory; it's a personal passion that has weaved its way through the fabric of my life, leading me to become not only a specialist but a true believer in the transformative power of Gua sha.

My voyage began with a degree in International Development & Economics, followed by experiences in the 1990s conducting research in rehabilitation programs in Uganda. These early experiences sparked a passion for exploring ways in which self-care treatments can be enhanced.

The next part of my journey took an unexpected turn to the remote Japanese island of Yakushima, where I split my time between being a flying fish fisherman and a wood craftsman. This immersion in nature's wonders planted the seeds of what would eventually bloom into Ecology in Motion™ Gua sha.

After this inspiring episode, my compass pointed me towards North Africa, where I established a chronic illness clinic. Over a decade of hands-on experience treating a diverse range of patients and conditions provided me with an incomparable understanding of the application and potential of Gua sha.

Now, my home is in a serene Northeastern Spanish forest, a sanctuary that resonates with the ancient wisdom of the Chinese medicine I've been studying since becoming an acupuncturist over two decades ago. Through these experiences, I developed my unique approach: Ecology in Motion™. This methodology represents a harmonious blend of traditional Chinese medicine's timeless wisdom, modern anatomical understanding, and the unique insights gleaned from my personal and professional journey.

My vision for a world where the power of Gua sha is universally recognized is slowly becoming a reality, demonstrated by the inception of a non-profit Gua sha program in Sri Lanka. This summer we will be collaborating with local communities and hospitals to establish training programs.


As we venture into this course, I am eager to share with you everything I've learned over the past two decades and beyond.

Whether you are just beginning your exploration of Gua sha or are a seasoned practitioner seeking to enhance your skill set, I invite you to embark on this transformative journey with me. As I've discovered, the voyage into the world of Gua sha can profoundly change your life, just as it has changed mine.




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Worldwide Live Classes

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Invest Today, Transform Tomorrow

Equip yourself to be the difference.

In the ever-evolving wellness and beauty industry, client retention and lifetime value are more than just buzzwords - they are the lifeblood of a thriving practice. They signify a loyal customer base, consistent revenue, and a strong reputation. But why are these factors so crucial, and how does investing in unique skills like Facial Gua sha make a difference?

First, let's decode the significance of lifetime value (LTV). This metric tells you the net profit your business makes from any given customer. In essence, it's an estimate of how much revenue a client will generate for your business throughout the entirety of their relationship with you. By increasing LTV, you're maximizing the profitability of every client you acquire.

Secondly, client retention refers to the ability to keep your customers engaged and satisfied over the long term. High retention rates are indicators of satisfied customers, and satisfied customers often become advocates for your business. They bring referrals, provide valuable feedback, and contribute to the growth and stability of your business.

So, where does investing in unique skills like Facial Gua sha fit in?

Well, in a saturated market, differentiation is key. By truling harnessing a unique service like Facial Gua sha, you're not just providing a service; you're providing an experience, you're crafting a comprehensive treatment journey that yields tangible results.

By aligning with the growing demand for holistic, natural treatments, you're not just catering to a trend—you're fulfilling a deep-seated need. This powerful confluence of wellness and beauty becomes your offering, transcending the norm to provide your clients with the ultimate, immersive healing experience.


It empowers you to educate your clients about their bodies, fostering deeper trust and rapport. Clients appreciate when practitioners provide insight and understanding in addition to their services. This education strengthens the client-practitioner relationship.

Investing in your skills is an investment in your business's longevity. As you enhance your offerings and the quality of your services, you simultaneously increase client satisfaction, which leads to greater retention and lifetime value. It's a win-win situation: You grow as a practitioner, your business thrives, and your clients enjoy the benefits of a truly unique and effective treatment.

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"I highly recommend this training - it will change your world and the world of your clients. So, ladies, come and get it!"

Hélène Edwards
Award Winning Licenced Esthetician

Introducing The EIM Facial Gua sha Program

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Take Full Control Of Your Clients' Beauty & Health