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Clive Witham Komorebi Institute
Komorebi Institute Gua sha training

Are you ready to truly understand the power of Facial Gua sha?


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Adi Kaplan
Facial Reflexologist

"A real game-changer! I can't wait to bring it into my clinic to treat my clients - they're going to love it! I absolutely loved it! And I highly, highly recommend it!"

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Hannah Adams
Holistic Therapist & Facialist

"I absolutely loved it! I've learnt so much and I can't wait to get back to my clients and start showing them how to bring out the potential of their inner beauty with Face and Body Gua sha!"

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Anette Selberg
Facial Gua sha Practitioner

"To see and to hear Clive work with the human body, it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience! I would recommend them to anyone I meet and I will give them 10 out of 10 points!"

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Amber McCool
Licensed Esthetician

"It was an amazing course that taught us lots of foundational principles. Go ahead and sign up for this course immediately!"

Facial Gua sha isn't about beauty,
it's about life.

Facial Gua sha is often associated with commercialized beauty, but its true purpose goes beyond that.

In our pursuit of perfection, we tend to hide imperfections and delay signs of aging. However, Facial Gua sha is about unlocking potential.

Think of it like flowers in a garden. With proper care, they grow and bloom beautifully. Similarly, Facial Gua sha helps individuals reach their full potential inside and out.

It brings out the natural radiance and vibrancy that lies within us, allowing it to shine through our skin.

Facial Gua sha isn't about perfection; it's about enhancing our unique beauty.

Anything less than this is both to misunderstand what you are doing and to fail to see the real meaning of beauty. 👈

These are useless

A Gua sha tool is just a tool.
It's nothing without the right knowledge.

In my first Gua sha book I talked about when I was an apprentice craftsman in Japan. 🗾

I told how intricately made chess pieces which were carved from thousand-year-old trunks🌳While they were beautiful on their own, their true significance emerged when placed on a chessboard alongside other pieces.

The same principle applies to a Gua sha tool.

It's just a piece of stone or horn or plastic or whatever.

It's only when you see it glide over the surface like a ship sailing in the wind that you see what it does. ⛵ And only when that ship is navigating the ocean of skin with precision and purpose do you truly understand the tool

That's the most precious commodity you can acquire. Unfortunately with Gua sha, good knowledge is a rare thing.

The magic of Gua sha is that there's no magic.

Gua sha doesn't require any magic. 🧙‍♂️

You don't need to be mystical and esoteric about what you're doing.


Peering beneath the surface, we unveil the intricate network of rivers: our body's circulatory system.

We discover a captivating revelation - the strategic placement of TCM points is anything but arbitrary.

In fact, they consistently align with bends in the river channel, offering us a glimpse into the inherent order within.

Not all rivers in the body are so clear to see as these. The body is made up of a multilayered three-dimensional biomatrix with fascia, muscle, tendons, ligaments, bone, fat, etc. - these are all part of each river ecosystem and help us to understand the complex circulation patterns in the body.

If there's any magic involved, it lies in reconnecting with nature.🍃


...Most Practitioners fail to understand Facial Gua sha.

It's disheartening to witness numerous skilled individuals being led astray, repeatedly making the same mistakes.

They embrace a shallow interpretation of Facial Gua sha and beauty, completely detached from its ancient Chinese origins. Their focus centers on Instagram marketing and flashy tools, disregarding the wealth of knowledge and technique necessary to significantly impact people's beauty and health.

Consequently, they fail to deliver the transformative changes their clients deserve.

Does This Sound Familiar?

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I have fancy tools and expensive oils but you don't actually know how facial Gua sha works.

I lack confidence when explaining the theory behind facial Gua sha.

I struggle to find the balance between holistic principles and evidence-based research.

I want to use Gua sha to enhance your treatments but don't know where to start.

My treatments are not consistently effective and your results aren't reliable.

I'm questioning if my technique is  "good enough".

Don't follow the crowd.

You DON'T Understand Gua sha Unless...

"You don't really understand Gua sha unless you can explain it to your grandmother"

This is a variation of a quote, often attributed to Albert Einstein, and which is something that anyone who does Facial Gua sha should heed.

If someone says, 'Hey, what are you doing with that tool?' as you're scraping it on their skin.

Or 'What are those red spots on my neck?'

Or 'How does that work?'

You can say stuff about cleansing, toxins, meridians, energy, or whatever else people like to say.

But the vast majority of what people say about Facial and Body Gua sha is untrue or ill-informed.

It's a bit like asking someone to explain what yin or yang is. You know the words, right? But can you explain them in one sentence? If you get tongue-tied or it's not totally clear then you'd be the same as most people. They just can't.

And it's like this with Gua sha. Most people haven't got it.

They haven't hit the bullseye.

They haven't understood the essence or, indeed, the beauty of what they're doing.

If I explained to my grandma, I'd be taking her over to the window overlooking the garden. All of the answers would be there in the motions of nature that she looked at every day.


20+ Years of Research in One Gua sha Program

But who on Earth am I?

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Hi, my name is Clive Witham!

Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I'm a specialist and only teach one thing: Gua sha. Nothing else.

  • I was once a flying fish fisherman on the Japanese island of Yakushima in the East China Sea.

  • I developed Ecology in Motion Facial Gua sha over a decade.

  • My house is deep in a Northern Spanish forest with wild boars roaming around it.

  • I qualified as an acupuncturist 22 years ago.

  • My Facial and Body Gua sha research was done in my chronic illness clinic in North Africa (for 10 years).

  • I have never taken a course on Gua sha. All of my books and knowledge have been applied by practical experience. This is why what I have is unique. 

  • I have a world vision of Gua sha which is slowly becoming reality (We started a non-profit Gua sha program in Sri Lanka last year).




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Worldwide Live Classes

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Gua sha is so much more than you think

Studying Gua sha was once incredibly challenging. It involved deciphering ancient Chinese texts or traveling across the world to learn from authentic experts (I've experienced it firsthand). However, times have changed.

Gua sha has now entered the mainstream beauty industry, resulting in a surge of online courses offered by self-proclaimed gurus who lack a genuine understanding of Gua sha or traditional Chinese medicine.

Regrettably, this has led to a scenario where those who should possess knowledge are actually unaware, yet mistakenly believe they are experts.

Using facial Gua sha without comprehending its ancient Chinese medical context means missing out on the opportunity to significantly impact your clients' health and beauty.

This is a Facial Treatment.

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Use The Entire Body To Treat The Face

There exists a strong correlation between the back of your legs, buttocks, back, neck, and head.

When targeting the forehead, upper eyelids, and eyebrows, it is vital to recognize that this facial region is intricately interconnected with the rest of your body.

Tension in this area can extend downwards, spanning the entire length of your back, over the crown of your head, and down to your little toe.