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An elegant Facial Gua sha routine rooted in Chinese medicine and ready for you to take back the control over your face! This course is the original and definitive protocol by Clive Witham, the world's leading pioneer in Gua sha.   

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Facial Gua sha Self-care Online Course P
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So what's in the Self-care Facial Gua sha course?


You get 14 videos with 60 minutes of instruction, 12 PDF files plus bonus material of acupoints and audio.


There are protocols for each part of your face that you can do every day on your forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks and chin and also on your head, neck and shoulders. These protocols are designed to bring out the best in your complexion and maximize the look and feel of your skin and to combat the many signs of aging.


But the treatments aren't just on the face. The state of your face depends on the state of your body so I show you the techniques you need for your back, chest, abdomen and sides in order to get the best results possible. This is the approach of traditional Chinese medicine and Gua sha is part of that. So I also show you how to treat your arms and legs using the knowledge of the channel circulation system of Chinese medicine.

So you get a complete set of treatments to make great changes to your face!

Facial Gua sha Self-care Online Course P
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Are you ready to join the Gua sha revolution?


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