Gua sha Workshops

2019 Programme

May 4th Basel, Switzerland  Gua sh for Everyone: Health & Wellness (English)

May 5th Basel, Switzerland Gua sha for Everyone: Facial Gua sha (English)

May 25th Amsterdam, The Netherlands Gua sha For Practitioners (English)

July 13th Bournemouth, UK  Gua sha For Practitioners

July 14th Bournemouth, UK Gua sha for Everyone: Health & Wellness

July 14th Bournemouth, UK Gua sha for Everyone: Facial Gua sha

October 26th Barcelona, Spain Gua sha For Practitioners (English)

26 de octubre Barcelona, España Gua sha para Terapeutas (Castellano)



Perfect for treating yourself, friends and family

In this practical workshops, no prior knowledge is needed and you will learn how to treat yourself or friend/family member by applying simple ideas from Chinese medicine to help rebalance the body and to look and feel great.

It is low-tech, highly effective and can transform how you see health and beauty home treatments!


You will learn:


  • How Gua Sha works

  • How to use the tool safely and confidently

  • Techniques on your head, neck and shoulders, back, arms/hands and legs/feet.

  • How to treat and prevent common ailments: headache, coughs and colds, stiff neck and digestive problems.

Why do you need this workshop? Check out this blogpost 



Perfect for treating yourself

In this practical workshop, no prior knowledge is needed and you will learn how to treat yourself to tone and lift your face, smooth wrinkles, improve circulation and complexion, soften your skin, reduce tissue tension and, lessen eye puffing.

It is low-tech, highly effective and can bring back the glow and vitality of your complexion!


You will learn:

  • The idea of aging in Chinese medicine

  • How the muscle pathways connect your face and body

  • How to treat worry lines, frown lines, eye bags, smile lines, lift your chin and cheeks.

  • How to use local Gua Sha facial treatments

  • How to use supporting Gua Sha body treatments

Learn a simple protocol that you can use everyday to bring vibrancy to your face and you'll look and feel fantastic! 



Perfect for acupuncturists, manual therapists, physios, naturopaths etc

Clive is a UK-trained acupuncturist and health educator and the author of best-selling Oriental medicine books published in 5 languages (Gua sha: A Complete Self-treatment Guide, The Book of Oriental Medicine and Facial Gua sha). He has had a clinic in North Africa for 10 years where he refined a unique style of Gua sha which combines classical ideas of Chinese medicine with efficient clinical practice.


He will present his unique style of Gua sha, show you how to perform it, how to understand it, how to treat ailments and how to be safe. You will exclusively learn new things from Clive's third book (it's not even out yet!) and many things you definitely won't hear elsewhere. And you will get to practise and then practise some! You will learn how to treat on all parts of the body with direct and immediate feedback from Clive throughout the workshop.

Over the course of the workshop, you will learn...

  • How Gua sha works

  • Why the channel system and the Sinew channels are important

  • What the safety issues are

  • What the optimal tools and techniques are

  • What the research says

  • How Holographic Gua sha works

  • How to treat the head area

  • How to treat the neck, shoulders and arms

  • How to treat the back area

  • How to treat the legs

  • How to use the above to treat common clinical conditions like digestive issues, nausea, headache/migraine, neck and shoulder issues, emotional issues, stress and tiredness.

If you want to use Gua sha safely, confidently and effectively. It is everything that you need. Don't miss it!

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