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The Gua sha project is based on providing quality Gua sha training programs to disadvantaged communities in countries with underfunded healthcare. Gua sha is an ideal community-based technique which is low-cost and efficient in treating a range of common ailments and is well-suited to a teaching-oriented self-sufficient model.

The Gua sha Project

Current Project: Sri Lanka, Mannar

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Stage 1

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A target community in Mannar was identified in Northern Sri Lanka which met the criteria for the Gua sha program

Stage 2

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 Four initial workshops were held in two separate sites with a range of community members

Stage 3

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Local trainers are identified and trained in workshops in the safe use of Gua sha and in using simple protocols for specific health conditions common in their location

Stage 4

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Local trainers teach the Gua sha protocols to key community groups within a local setting

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