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Learn Ecology in Motion Gua sha in the surroundings of nature in this special retreat centre! 

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This unique 2-day workshop in the midst of nature will introduce you to the  ecological ideas of ancient Chinese medicine and teach you to apply principles of the natural world through Gua sha.

Skills you will learn in this workshop include:


  • the fundamental principles of Ecology in Motion (EIM) Gua sha and how to apply them in practical steps

  • treating the neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands, chest, legs and feet with Gua sha

  • targeting treatments with protocols for common ailments which which Gua sha achieves excellent results 

You'll learn how to use adaptive and targeted approaches and how to confidently use EIM

Gua sha to enhance your skillset, build your business, and transform your understanding of health and the body.

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This is a professional course in Ecology in Motion (EIM) Body Gua sha. It is based on the practical application of the nature-based principles and biomedical knowledge of ancient Chinese medicine. It provides both a solid understanding of effective Gua sha treatments and a clear step-by-step approach to delivering them.

Bringing a fresh, unique perspective to everything you do with Gua sha, the goal of this course is to develop confident, competent practitioners of EIM Gua sha, who know exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it, all within the context and beauty of the natural world and Chinese medicine.

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  • Apply principles of natural science to your Gua sha treatment

  • Integrate new ideas of health, beauty and nature

  • Apply treatments to the whole body

  • Use the knowledge of channel treatments to enhance your results

  • Learn the goal of every Gua sha treatment

  • Make connections in fascia and muscles throughout the body

  • Use strategies to address common ailments and medical complaints

  • Explore the tissue structures, areas and channels of the body

  • Use Gua sha treatment methods with ease

Price €650 - includes venue, freshly cooked lunch on both days and dinner on Saturday and all materials!

Early bird price: €545 when registered before May 25!


Contact Hilde for more information and to reserve your

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