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Body Gua sha: How do you do it?

I have been using Gua sha in my clinic for over 15 years and have developed a style which I think has the best clinical application and also can easily be adapted for home use. Here is some of what I do. 

The obvious place to start is the most common technique and which is used for all the big muscle areas. When I am in my clinic I always wear nitrile gloves when I do Gua sha. This is for many reasons but mostly because I need my hands oil-free in order to do other techniques, fast and efficiently.

This technique uses the longer side to drag over the skin.

Gua Sha Guide Book Wide Stroke technique
Gua Sha Guide Book Clive Witham Protect Pimples

Skin can have all sorts of variations on its surface area. You need to take these into account when you scrape the tool over the skin. If there is a spot, pimple, mole or any skin feature which would be undesirable to scrape over, you need to cover it with a finger.

While using the wide area of the tool is adaptable to many areas of your body, there are areas where you need to use a smaller surface area. These areas are usually near bones or joints which in most cases you need to avoid scraping directly over (because it hurts!).

Gua Sha Guide Book Clive Witham Use edge of tool
Gua Sha Guide Book Clive Witham Press Technique

When you feel a tight knotted area of muscle underneath the skin, you can press with the side of the tool. You can then continue with a combination of pressing and scraping over the area. 

How to move your arm

How to correctly do my Wide Stroke technique

How to correctly do my Narrow Stroke technique

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