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Gua sha Scholarship


Introducing the open Gua sha scholarship!

Komorebi Training Institute is dedicated to excellence in Gua sha and is run by Clive Witham, Gua sha expert with 20 years' experience and author of 4 Gua sha books published in 5 languages. 

Komorebi Institute has a truly global base with active participants from countries around the world including Australia, the USA, France, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada, Greece, Russia, the UK and Japan! 

It's a real pleasure to announce the availability of two full scholarships on the Gua sha Practitioner level 1 course. 

The winners are enrolled TOTALLY FREE in the flagship interactive online Gua sha course, worth $349 and 14 CEU credits! 

This is an exclusive opportunity to learn how Gua sha is really done based on the ecological principles of Traditional Chinese medicine. 

The course covers everything you need to be an EXPERT, CONFIDENT GUA SHA PRACTITIONER. It consists of 53 videos + 68 text/PDF files + one-to-one tutorial and video assessment personally with Clive. And with the unique knowledge of ecological Gua sha, it puts you head-and-shoulders above your peers! 

The course is in English so understanding English is a requirement but otherwise it doesn't matter where you are in the world or what nationality you are.

The announcement of the winners will be on 20th October 2020 on



It's easy. 

1. Record a video (2 minutes or less) about why you should have the Gua sha scholarship and how it will impact your life/business/community.

2. Email it to me at If necessary, you can use to send the file.

3. In the text of the email, include your first and last name, location, and any details about your work/studies/life.

4. I'll email you to tell you that I received the video and then on 20th October come to


After the scholarship winners are announced, the doors open for Gua sha Practitioner level 1. I can't wait to share this course with you as it's really special and totally comprehensive. 

For more info on the course and Komorebi Institute, go to

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