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Komorebi Institute Gua sha training

Take control of your Beauty & Health



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Leticia Garcia
Registered Nurse

"Nothing compares to the results from this course! My skin is smoother, complexion brighter, and acne reduced. Fantastic investment in skin and well-being."


Ana Villacampa
Data Analyst & Quality Control

"Life-saver for a busy mom! It's like a spa day at home. Stress levels down, skin health up. Compliments from friends and family. Worth every penny!"


Marilo Dominguez
Licensed Translator

"I've always been interested in holistic skincare, and this course has been a game-changer for me. Simply fascinating. It has completely changed my approach to skincare."

Facial Gua sha isn't about Beauty,
it's about Life.

Have you ever encountered a person whose face isn't bound by conventional standards of beauty, yet emanates a magnetic radiance that leaves you spellbound?

Their beauty doesn't rest on physical perfection, but radiates from an inexplicable source, stirring a deep sense of admiration within you.

Commonly misconstrued as a mere commercialized beauty trend, the true essence of Facial Gua sha lies far beyond skin deep. It isn't about hiding imperfections or battling the inevitable process of aging.


Instead, it's an empowering journey of unlocking one's inherent potential.

Imagine a garden of flowers, each unique and beautiful in their way. With appropriate care and nurturing, these flowers grow and bloom into their fullest expression, displaying their vibrancy for the world to admire. This mirrors what Facial Gua sha does for us – it nurtures our face, helping us blossom into our most radiant selves, inside and out.

Facial Gua sha isn't merely about achieving an ideal of perfection; it's about enhancing our unique beauty.

Anything less than this is both to misunderstand what you are doing and to fail to see the real meaning of beauty. 👈


These are useless

A Gua sha tool is just a tool.
It's nothing without the right knowledge.

A Gua sha tool can either give you false expectations, or change your life.

In my first Gua sha book I talked about when I was an apprentice craftsman in Japan. 🗾

I told how intricately made chess pieces which were carved from thousand-year-old trunks🌳While they were beautiful on their own, their true significance emerged when placed on a chessboard alongside other pieces.

The same principle applies to a Gua sha tool.

It's just a piece of stone or metal or plastic or whatever.

It's only when you see it glide over the surface of your skin like a ship sailing in the wind that you see what it does. ⛵ And only when that ship is navigating the ocean of skin with precision and purpose do you truly understand the tool. 

That's the most precious commodity you can acquire. Unfortunately with Gua sha, good knowledge is a rare thing.

What You've Been Taught is
Untrue or Ill-informed


Gua sha, at its core, is a tissue treatment.

Far from being mystical, it transcends the realm of simple skin treatments and goes beyond just promoting lymphatic drainage.

When we look beneath the surface of the face, we discover an intricate network of 'rivers' — our body's extensive circulatory system.


Our body is a complex three-dimensional biomatrix, composed of multiple layers. From fascia, muscle, tendons, and ligaments, to bone, fat, and more — each part contributes to these river ecosystems, enabling us to comprehend the intricate circulation patterns within our bodies.

If there's any 'magic' to be found in Gua sha, it lies in the profound reconnection with nature, and the journey to understanding our bodies on a truly intimate level. 🍃

Gua sha is so much more than you think

Introducing The Self-Care Facial Gua sha Course

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Take Control Of Your Beauty & Health

Achieve PROFOUND and NATURAL change by understanding ciculatory, muscular, and myofascial connections.

Be able to make your treatments EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT.

Know how to INCORPORATE Facial Gua sha into your daily routine.

Treat for worry lines, frown lines, crow's feet, eye bags, dark rings, bunny lines, smile lines and lip lines, marionette lines, jowls, double chin, and neck & platysmal bands.

Learn how to use the ENTIRE BODY to treat the FACE

6 Modules・22 Video Lessons

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22 high quality Videos (with subtitles) + downloadable PDF materials

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Instant + Lifetime Access

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Completely online:
any device・no special equipment

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Comment feature under every video for you to engage with me!

The Basic Foundations of Facial Gua sha

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Delve into the intricate river systems of the face and body while acquiring knowledge about essential equipment and fundamental facial Gua sha techniques.

The Three Ecosystems of the Face

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Understand how and why the face is divided and master comprehensive Facial Gua sha sequences to effectively treat the upper, mid, and lower areas of the face.

External Influences: Lifestyle

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Discover how different external factors like sunlight, smoking, diet, excercise, and pollution can influence the outcome of your facial routines.

Restoring Circulation to the Head & Face

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Discover elegant methods to restore blood circulation throughout the head and face.

Extending the Facial Gua sha Experience

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Explore the intriguing interconnections between the face and the body, and learn how to treat your face holistically through your arms, legs, and torso.

Bringing it All Together

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The course reaches its culmination and you're introduced to a chart that helps you navigate these fascinating connections.


"Before taking this Facial Gua sha course, I was skeptical. But now, I can't imagine my skincare routine without it! The course is incredibly detailed, easy to follow, and the results are simply undeniable. My skin has never looked better"

Sara Stanulovic
Assisstant Project Manager in Global Health

Join over 300 students across 35 countries

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