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Body Gua sha: What do you need?


Gua sha tools Clive Witham

The choices

In order to do Gua sha, you will need a tool but you don´t really need one of those snazzy, ergonomically designed, over-expensive technically-worded Gua sha instruments. If you really want one and it will make you feel better, go ahead and get the latest Guashanator 3000 or the Scraper-easy or the Relax-maker 2 (yes, I just made these up). If gimmicky superfluousness is what will get you to use Gua sha, then go find one online and let's get going.  


If you have read any of my books, you will know that I generally use a Chinese soup spoon for Gua sha treatments which costs 50 cents in the local corner store. Low-tech is the new high-tech! Also if you check out the About Clive section, you will discover that I have run a clinic in North Africa for the last 10 years. So low-tech is the way to go here.


The tools in the photo shown here are all made out of buffalo horn and are popular in China as they are cheap and durable. As you can see, they all have funky shapes which are supposed to be related to the body part you use them on but trust me, you can take that with a pinch of salt. 

Buffalo Horn

The good things

  • They're cheap and don't break when dropped 

  • They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes

  • You can find them easily to buy online

The bad things

  • They bend if left too long soaking in water

  • They degrade over time and the edges sharpen

  • They're difficult to keep clean

Buffalo horn Gua sha tol Cliv Witham

Do we like it?  mmmm. Reserved for when If I can't find anything else to use

Chinese soup spoon

The good things

  • They're cheap and accessible 

  • They're easy to clean

  • They have the right shape to use

The bad things

  • They break when dropped

  • They don't look cool

  • They can hurt your wrist trying to cover large areas

Chinese soup spoon Gua sha Clive Witham

Do we like it?  We love Chinese soup spoons


The good things

  • They look the part

  • They're always smooth

  • They have a cooling quality on the skin

The bad things

  • They break when dropped

  • They're more expensive

  • Did I mention they break when dropped?

Jade Gua sha tool Clive Witham

Do we like it?  I did before they smashed into little pieces on my tiled floor


The good things

  • They are light, strong and you can get weird shapes

  • They are cheap and orangey

  • They don't break easily

The bad things

  • They look cheap and orangey

  • Don't be tempted by the weird shapes

Resin Gua sha tool Clive Witham

Do we like it?  A great choice for a tool

Where can you buy these tools? Check out this link to find out: Where to buy Gua sha tools

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