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Step 1

Hold the tool with your dominant hand and use the long side to lightly sweep across from the midline of your forehead. Start at your hairline and sweep towards your temple area and then repeat slightly lower down your forehead and again until you reach your eyebrow level. 

Facial Gua Sha Guide Book Protocol Forehead worry lines Clive Witham

Step 2

Start at the hairline and scrape back towards the base of your skull. Start at the centerline and then move outwards once you have completed each line. Stop when you reach your ear. Remember you don't need to sweep in this area, you can use the scrape technique used in body Gua sha.  

Facial Gua Sha scraping over the head

Facial Gua sha: Protocol

How to reduce worry lines and frown lines

Your forehead is home to a large flat muscle called the frontalis muscle which crinkles up when you lift your eyebrows. There are often lines across your forehead known as worry lines as we often lift our eyebrows when stressed. There is another group of muscles between your eyebrows featuring the procerus and supercilii muscles which draw your eyebrows together and create small vertical lines, known as frown lines. As you age these lines start to be more noticeable and can be present on a permanent basis. 

This is where the benefit of regular facial Gua sha comes in. LIght scraping in this area can have a positive effect on the skin and tissue below it, allowing the lines to feature less prominently. The following protocol is to help reduce these lines on the forehead area and of course, a great deal more information can be found in the book.

Scraping along the arms

Step 3

Something different from my style of facial Gua sha is the connection with your face and your body and how we can treat the body in order to help make changes in the face. Where we treat on the body is based on how our muscles are grouped in Oriental medicine. In order to improve the flow of nutritious blood to the tissue and muscles in your forehead area, you can scrape down the inside of your arms. Use a body Gua sha wide stroke technique and stop before the wrists.  

Step 4

Scrape down the big muscles at the back of your legs. Use a body Gua sha wide stroke technique and avoid the back of the knee and the area above the ankles as the tissue is much thinner in these places and can be uncomfortable.  

Gua sha scraping on the legs
Facial Gua sha book
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