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Welcome to the World of Ecology in Motion™ Gua sha!

Internationally accredited online Gua sha courses, live classes, books, podcasts, educational videos, and non-profit projects.

- What is EIM Gua sha?

Ecology in Motion™ Gua sha is over two decades of research and practice distilled into a revolutionary new approach to Facial and Health & Wellness Gua sha. It is based on the ecological ideas of ancient Chinese texts and will completely transform the way you understand and apply Gua sha.

- Who is Clive Witham?

Clive Witham, the director of Komorebi Institute, is a licensed acupuncturist and qualified health promotion specialist. He has a decade of experience running a chronic illness clinic in North Africa and has sold over 100,000 books on Gua sha and Chinese medicine in 6 different languages.

Beauty is the emanation of the potential that lies within you.

Clive Witham, Facial Gua sha

Gua sha training - gua sha live classes

Immerse yourself in

2-day professional Gua sha training classes led by Clive.

In-person Facial and Health & Wellness Gua sha training

Gua sha training - Gua sha course - Gua sha online course

Enrol in the best and most comprehensive Gua sha courses available online.

Online Facial and Health & Wellness Gua sha certification

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Explore the world of Gua sha through best-selling books available in 5 languages.

Paperbacks, hardbacks & eBooks 

Gua sha Podcast

Listen to Clive Witham break down how to treat your body and face with Gua sha!

Season 1 and 2 of the Gua sha Show

Join our Fantastic Gua sha Community!

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Be part of a vibrant and engaged group of people who are passionate about learning and practicing Facial Gua sha and Body Gua sha while staying true to its traditional Chinese roots.

  • Connect, share knowledge, and ask questions through our social media platforms.

  • Find the support and resources you need to develop your Gua sha skills

  • Deepen your understanding of this powerful technique. 

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