Holographic Gua sha: A Practical Microsystem Handbook

A fresh look at Gua sha and how it can treat all kinds of ailments using the holographic imaging of Chinese medicine.  

Welcome to the home of ecological Gua sha - a unique way of treating the body while encompassing the natural world and our place within it.

Clive Witham



It has been my passion over the last 20 years to open up the world of Gua sha to as many people as possible. During that time, I wrote a trilogy of Gua sha books. The first Gua sha book was to give people a solid foundation in using Gua sha, then a facial Gua sha book to ground cosmetic treatment in Chinese medicine and then a Holographic Gua sha handbook to maximise results with treatment. These were then synthesised and found a home in Komorebi Gua sha, my unique style of using Gua sha based on an ecological view of the body and thoroughly grounded in ancient Chinese philosophical ideas.

Facial Gua sha is more than just the face! If you really want to be more than just superficial with your treatments, you have to understand what's underneath and incorporate the beautiful natural ideas of the ancient Chinese.  

Gua sha is becoming more well-known nowadays but to be effective as a therapeutic treatment, you must understand what you are doing from the viewpoint of Chinese medicine! 

The pattern of our whole ecosystem is holographic in nature and we can use this knowledge to treat the body with Gua sha via the scalp, hand, ear, foot, back, chest and bones.  

Get a free Gua sha course right now! Click on the link below to our Komorebi Gua sha training site and within minutes you can start to learn Gua sha! 

Our online courses take you through everything you need to know about Gua sha. Our foundation course is totally unique and will transform how you see the body and face!

You can train directly in Komorebi Gua sha in one of our live training days. Our base is in Barcelona, Spain but we train internationally.

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