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8 Fantastic Gua sha Scraping Areas To Lose Weight: Enhancing Digestion and Fat Reduction

Gua Sha tool used for scraping and improving digestion

Gua sha and Losing Weight

You can't healthily lose weight without changing your diet and lifestyle but to help you to do that, here are some Gua sha Scraping areas which can help make your digestion more balanced and better able to digest and process food .

What is Gua sha Scraping?

It's when you use a tool to scrape over your skin in order to make changes in the blood flow through muscle and tissue areas. If targeted to the right area, these changes in blood flow influence how your digestive organs can effectively digest food. The better and more efficiently they do can do this, the more your body can respond to changes in diet and lifestyle and the less it will store fat.

So what do you need for Gua sha?

Get yourself a Gua sha tool or a Chinese soup spoon, and lubrication to spread over your skin. You can use massage oil for this. Scrape over the skin in the areas below - you can scrape over a wide area, above and below. Each stroke should be a hand's width and downwards or away from the centreline.

Red marks on skin after Gua Sha scraping, indicating improved blood flow, for weight loss

Red marks

If the tissue under the scraping tool area has impaired blood flow, your skin will show up red dots. This is perfectly normal and they will fade after 3-4 days. If an area shows these marks, it's time to move on to another. Do no more than 30 strokes in any one area.

You can watch how to hold the tool here and here.

So these are the areas which will help you. Treat them frequently - at least twice a week - but as I mentioned above, only if the red marks (if there are any) have faded.

1. Bl-23 Shenshu

This area is in your lower back. Feel the top of your hips at your sides and move your hands towards your spine keeping them at that level. These areas are either side of the spine in the thick muscle. Scrape downwards and avoid scraping too close to the spine.

Chinese soup spoon, an alternative tool for Gua Sha scraping on stomach to improve digestion to aid weight loss

2. Ren-17 Danzhong

Now to the middle of your chest. Scrape here, level with the 4th rib space (you count down) or roughly the level of the nipples on men.

Diagram showing the key areas to target for Gua Sha scraping on the chest to aid weight loss

3. Ren-12 Zhongwan

Next find the midpoint between your belly button and the end of your sternum bone. That is the area in the midline. Watch out is can be sensitive.

Person performing Gua Sha scraping on their stomach area to aid digestion for weight loss

4. ST-25 Tianshu

These areas can be found at the level of the belly button about 3 finger widths outwards and are on both sides.

5. Ren-4 Guanyuan

You can find this area about midway between your belly button and your perineum bone. Don't scrape with much pressure in this area.

6. Sp-6 Sanyinjiao

This area is four finger widths up from the inside of the ankle bone in the soft muscle area near the tibia bone.

Diagram showing the key areas to target for Gua Sha scraping on the leg to aid weight loss

7. ST-36 Zusanli

This area is four finger widths up from the inside of the ankle bone in the soft muscle area near the tibia bone.

8. ST-40 Fenglong

This area is about halfway up the outside of the leg in the large muscle area. It is on an imaginary line from the outside corner of your knee cap to your outside ankle.


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