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The Gua sha Method: Boost Digestion & Lose Weight by Treating Your Body Holistically (Part 2)

Close-up image of a hand being treated with Gua sha for weight loss

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Video Transcript

Treating the Hand for Digestive Health with Gua sha

Now another part of your body which is really important to do for your digestion, is your hand, which comes out quite a lot, and we're looking at the center of the palm of your hand. And we're looking at the standard digging, scrape, press - it's that basically the whole center of your hand involves many of the digestive organs which are really important. So you're looking for sore things in your hand. Another part is on the second metacarpal bone on your hand - either hand - and you want to go roughly midway along there and that is the area which will affect your digestive organs. So you're looking for sore areas and you're going to push and circle these areas.

The Role of Ears in Gua sha Treatment

And let's come to your ear. Now your ears are really, really important for treating the whole body because the whole body is on the ears - a microsystem itself. And we're looking at this area.

Now this is the area which you need to probe to see if there are any sore points and then press and circle.

Addressing the Back with Gua sha for Digestion

And also let's come to the back. So the back is really, really important for digestion. Go to, basically the equivalent of where the organ is, go behind and use Gua sha in that area. And that usually does the trick. Now you may get sha coming onto the surface or you may - not quite often you would. But as always the back covers basically the whole body and is always great to do for anything - in fact most of the studies that come out of China that are looking at treating diseases - they're almost always treating the back.

Often in the same places for different diseases.

So the back is really, really important to do.

Now it's quite difficult to do on yourself - although you can do your lower back quite happily - certainly the upper back is more problematic unless you have some kind of strange joints where you can come around but it's not the upper back we want to do for digestion - we want to do the mid back to the lower back and you can get that. That's okay, I can do it now. It's okay you can get to the exact area you want to get to - you can twist your arm back - provided of course you have mobility in your arms. Now if you don't - if you can't do that - then you need someone else.

Understanding the Channels in Gua sha

So as far as channels go, what you need to do is you've got to think about the stomach channel which is coming down the front of your body - all the way down to your middle three toes. So it's down the front of the body is really, really important for the stomach. Now if you have a look at any Chinese website and looking about losing weight, they're gonna tell you - you've got to do the abdomen which is useful too but it's the whole of the stomach channel, it's not just the abdomen, in fact, it's often better to do the lower leg than the abdomen because it can be quite uncomfortable in the abdominal area. So that's the stomach and the pancreas is on the inside of the leg coming up. So they're both very, very important. So another important one will be the gallbladder. That will be coming down the side of your body all the way down to your fourth toe -

and connected with the gallbladder is the triple burner if you remember that's so, so, so important. Now that you're gonna find on your arm and you're coming up your arm from this finger - your ring finger - up the back of the arm and it basically is coming up to the neck area.

Importance of Liver and Heart Ruler Channels in Weight Loss

And another group of organs and channels which are really, really important to do for losing weight is the liver and the heart ruler or the pericardium. So the liver is on the inside of your leg - remember that's a very similar place to where the pancreas is. And the heart ruler is coming down the inside of your arm right the way down to your middle finger but this time on the inside not on the outside. So if you do these areas in combination with a change in your diet and often if people come to see me in my clinic and they ask to lose weight, it's very rare that they don't know what they have to get rid of. So all the stuff that you know in the back of your mind you need to get rid of - get rid of it - and then when it comes to exercise - again -

you know if you're not doing any exercise and you kind of know what exercise you could do, so do that too.

Tying it Together: Diet, Exercise, and Gua sha

So in combination with changing your diet and doing a bit of exercise and doing Gua sha on a regular basis - this can really make you lose weight.

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Diagram showing the key areas on the back to target with Gua sha for weight loss


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