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Emergency Nut allergy treatment with Gua sha

This is the experience of one of the graduates of the Level 1 Gua sha course at Komorebi Institute. I'm sharing it with you, because it shows you the potential of using Gua sha when you know both what it can do and what you're doing.

She described being able to prevent a visit to the ER and directly reduce the potentially dangerous allergic symptoms of her son's nut allergy.

Her son is "highly allergic to nuts of all kinds if he ingests them" and which usually cause him to be very sick, hospitalized and on medication. After unintentionally eating pesto which contained a nut, he broke out in "terrible hives" and "his throat got raspy (typically the beginning of his throat closing and an ER visit)".

Before she rushed him to ER, she gave him benadryl (an antihistamine) and when they arrived in the car park, she noticed that he was still able to speak which was unusual as when he consumes nuts his throat closes rapidly. Observing that, and not wishing to put him through the whole medication drama that was coming unless necessary, she stayed in the car right outside the ER (for obvious safety reasons) and applied Gua sha on her son.

Treatment was along the Lung (Lu) and large intestine (Li) channels with areas of vigorous treatment at Lu 1 (the top of the chest), Lu 4 (upper arm), Lu 5 (elbow), Lu 6 (lower arm), Lu 8 (lower arm), Lu 9 (wrist) and Li 1 (index finger), Li 4-7 (hand-wrist) and Li 11-12 (elbow).

'Sha' or petechiae appeared only at the bend of the elbows, otherwise the skin was just very red and "the heat...was just rolling off him."

When she stopped, he asked her to go back to scraping because the symptoms felt so much better when she did.

She spent an hour focused on just the lung and large intestine channels with Gua sha. His symptoms were improving. "He felt some nausea, but in waves, nothing long lasting."

And the result was that, an hour and a half of arriving, his symptoms had improved so much, that they were able to go home without going into ER - "first time ever!!!"

Well, I tip my hat to a job well done. It goes back to my general philosophy about Gua sha which, and if you have one of my books you probably know, that Gua sha is something that everyone needs to know. It was, is and always should be a medicine of the people. But, of course, people have to know when to use it appropriately and how to do it right!

Please note that Gua sha is, of course, not a replacement for emergency treatment and nut allergies can be life threatening in their symptoms. Professional medical help should always be sought immediately.

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