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Do you really have Depression?

The Goldberg Depression Test

The Goldberg Depression Test was developed by a US psychiatrist called Ivan K. Goldberg. It consists of 18 statements, each of which are graded with a sliding scale of responses based on how you have felt during the previous week.

This test can also be useful to check periodically to see if the symptoms of depression are improving or getting worse as any change of 5 points or more in either direction is considered to be significant.

Assign the following points to each statement:

Not at all (0) A little (1) Somewhat (2) Moderately (3) Quite a lot (4) Very much (5)

Once all the statements are graded, add the scores up to give a final score and an indication of whether you might suffer from depression.

Depression Test Statements:

1 I do things slowly

2 My future appears hopeless

3 It is hard for me to concentrate on reading

4 The pleasure and fun has gone out of my life

5 I find it hard to make decisions

6 I have lost interest in things that used to be important to me

7 I feel unhappy, depressed and sad

8 I feel agitated and unable to relax

9 I feel tired

10 It takes a lot of effort for me to do simple things

11 I feel guilty and I deserve to be punished

12 I feel like a failure

13 I feel numb and lifeless, more dead than alive

14 My sleep is disturbed; I'm sleeping too much or too little

15 I spend time thinking how I can commit suicide

16 I feel trapped or confined

17 I feel depressed even when good things happen to me

18 I have lost weight or put it on without being on a diet


If your score was less than 9 then depression is not indicated.

Between 10 and 17 - possibly some minor depression

Between 18 and 21 - maybe on the verge of depression

Between 22 and 35 - minor to moderate depression indicated

Between 36 and 53 - moderate to severe depression possible

Over 54 - possibly suffering from severe depression.

Remember: no test, no matter how good it is, can not give you a completely reliable diagnosis.


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