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My Journey: Transforming the World of Gua sha

Clive Witham transforming the World of Gua sha

Not many people know about this but I was once cancelled!

This is long before cancel-culture was a thing.

In fact it was 10 years ago. And it was at a time when I had just had my first book published and had a contract for the follow-up and what would have been a series of books with a good publisher.

What happened was that someone didn't like what I was doing with Gua sha and so made groundless allegations about my work - in particular how dangerous this knowledge was and how it was allegedly plagiarized.

Even then, before the more familiar cancelling that happens now, that was enough to get my publishing contract rescinded and for my work with Gua sha to grind to a halt.

It was pretty devastating.

I don't know if you know this but a book usually takes at least 2 years of your life to complete. And to have it all taken away so unjustly was a bitter pill to swallow.

Now, you might have guessed this if you follow me on social media or have read any of my books, I don't stay down long 💪. If one path becomes blocked, you find another, right? You don't just wallow in your own sorrow.

And so, with some help, I actually translated the complete book into Spanish and got a new publishing contract in Spain. So although the book was originally written in English, it ended up first being published in Spanish! Then, of course, came the English version afterwards and then the other translations. I'm proud to say that it went on to be (and still is) very successful.

My great offence and the one that I had been cancelled for was one of KNOWLEDGE.

I was giving everyone the 'wrong' type of knowledge.

I wasn't following the protocol.

I wasn't toeing the line.

Despite its history, some people felt that Gua sha wasn't supposed to widely known and used by non-professionals. That's the supposedly dangerous part about what I was doing.

I see exactly the same pattern now with Facial Gua sha and criticisms of the 'wrong' type of people (in the beauty business) using it professionally. It's almost like looking down on a group of people and it's not something that I wish to be a part of.

So, if I was crossing the line back then with Gua sha, what I'm doing now has to be on another planet! 😂😂😂

I've completely erased the line and drawn it somewhere else!

I've pushed the boundaries about understanding Gua sha and Facial Gua sha so far from where they were that it's ever more exciting to see the possibilities! In fact, I'm still finding out!

And the funny thing is that I haven't moved away from the roots of Gua sha, I've actually tried to move closer to them! To not remove it from Chinese medicine but to bring it further within! In that way I can honor the tradition and knowledge that came before me.

So knowledge is an important thing. And this is what I'm about.

You might notice that I don't sell Gua sha accessories. I'm not in the business of retailing. I'm in the business of knowledge.

The RIGHT kind of knowledge!

Knowledge that not only will show you Gua sha but can change you. It can change how you think. It can change how you see the body.

And it's knowledge which, together with Neijing Nature-based medicine, has the capacity to literally change the world!


If you're ready to explore the potential of Ecology in Motion™ Gua sha, both personally and professionally, join me on this transformative journey of health and healing at the Komorebi Institute


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