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Facial Gua sha Eye Health: Understanding Key Points Around Your Eyes

Person demonstrating Gua sha technique around the eye - Close-up of eye showing key points for Gua sha

The eye muscles are actually the connecting tissues to the muscle chains which go all the way down your body. You can indirectly treat the eye muscles at these points around your eyes using facial Gua sha and make changes to how your eye/face/body looks and feels!

Video Transcript

Hello and today's quick video is just about your eyes!

Understanding the Importance of Eye Health

Now, there are a bunch of points that are around your eyes that are really, really important, which will not only affect your eye but will actually affect the muscles which move your eye, and those muscles that move your eye are actually the origin of all of the muscle channels in the body which go all the way down from the eyes down to the tips of your fingers and tips of your toes.

Key Gua sha Points Around Your Eyes

Now, the points that we're interested in are all around the eye, so we've got one point which is below the pupil - if you look straight forwards and that is known as stomach 1 and it's inside the orbit - it's not an area that you really want to treat much because it's literally right next to the eyeball and I can stick a needle in and put it right in that gap but it's not doesn't look very pleasant! There's another point the other side of that which is stomach 2, which is a lot easier to get to, which is, just basically, it's the orbital cavity - the other side of the ridge of the orbital cavity. So that's stomach 1 which is just below the pupil and if we come this way, we're going to come to gallbladder 1 - which is if you follow the outside of the eye and there's a ridge and then there's a dip - in the dip - that's gallbladder 1 go up from gallbladder 1 to the end of the lateral eyebrow - that's triple burner 23 - that's right the end of the triple burner channel. It's literally above gallbladder 1 and just laterally to the end of the eyebrow in the dip, and then if we come across the eyebrow, in the center of the eyebrow, that will be a point which is not connected with the channel but it's called yuyao and this point really affects your forehead and your eyelid, but it's right in the center of your eyebrow. And then if we come across, and we come to just the other end of the eyebrow and that is bladder 2. And bladder 2 is directly above bladder 1. Now, bladder 1 is if you come down from the medial end of the eyebrow, and come down, just to the inside of your eye. Just kind of touching the the nasal bone - not actually close to the eye.

How to Apply Gua sha Around Your Eyes - The Role of Muscles

So, whenever you're doing Gua sha around your eyes, you're actually covering all of these points. Now the muscle around here is the orbicularis oculi, which is that big muscle around your eyes. But also it's the procerus which is in the middle just here. And the supercilii depressor which is there, and these the other supercilii corrugator, which is just in this area here, so the two supercilii muscles, you've got the procerus and they got the the large circular orbicular muscle so, as you're going around these muscles you're actually going to press on these points and also circle as you go around. Each of those points - gently - because anywhere near the eye - you must be gentle, and if you put a lot of pressure on and you're going to cause a bruise, that's not an area that you ever want to have a bruise, and so very, very gently if you are going around your eyes, you can just do a kind of sweeping circle. And then a kind of light scrape but also I'm going to push and then a circle, and a push and a circle, or just push. But these are the areas that you want to activate any time you're doing the eye.

Watch the video:

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