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Losing Weight with Gua sha: Improve Digestion and Lifestyle, Not Magic Pills

Close up image of Gua sha tool used for weight loss

Introduction to Gua sha for Weight Loss

You may be wondering how scraping your skin with a tool can help you lose weight.

Well, it can!

But to avoid the sensational claims about Gua sha that are all too common, let me clarify.

There is no magic bullet with losing weight safely, you have to address your diet and you have to address your lifestyle but these alone are often not good enough.

The missing ingredient is that you have to address the state of your body! I often come across people who have changed their diet and have changed their exercise routine and still aren't seeing any changes to their weight. This is usually because there are underlying problems in the way the body is processing food. These problems might be in the digestive process itself or there be something else which is affecting the digestive process indirectly.

Whatever it is, it needs to be fixed. And this is where Gua sha comes in. There are some great places to use Gua sha on the following areas:

  • Scalp

  • Hand

  • Ear

  • Back

  • Arms

  • Legs

And I put them all together into 2 videos so you can see clearly what to do. I hope you like them.

Video Transcript

Hello I'm back in the forest and today we're going to have a look at losing weight with Gua sha .

Dispelling Myths: What Gua sha Can't Do

You'll see all kinds of ideas about losing weight with Gua sha and it's often made to seem so easy and you're given a protocol of a collection of points and then you use these points every day and like magic you lose weight. So if you believe that then you're going to be very susceptible to all of the questionable ideas that are coming out about what you can do and what you can't do with Gua sha.

So first of all what you can't do with Gua sha - you can't continue your lifestyle and eating whatever you're eating and if you are overweight and if you are unhealthy and then you use a Gua sha protocol - it's not going to work because you have to fix the body. And there's no magic pill.

The Importance of Lifestyle Changes

Because people don't want to make the changes that are going to help their lives. They want to continue doing what they've always done, no matter how damaging it might be for their health, and just to add in something extra - a bit of salt and pepper onto your main meal - instead of changing the whole thing completely. So let's have a look today at Gua sha for losing weight but we're not going to be incredibly superficial and just tell you - oh this point, this point, this point, this point - oh and you're going to lose weight in two weeks.

Digestion: The Key to Weight Loss

So what do you need to do - you need to improve your digestion. Now your digestion is pretty complicated. The main organ involved in digestion is, of course, your stomach and for the ancient Chinese, the stomach was the key of the whole digestive system and in fact was the whole digestive system. For the Chinese, the stomach was so, so, so important that if it didn't work properly, nothing else worked properly. So we've got to fix your digestion. How do you do that? So we're going to restrict ourselves today with Gua sha - there's loads of things you can do to lose weight and, of course, you've got to do exercise, you've got to change your diet, you've got to change the way you're thinking, because a lot of people think that going on a diet - if you're not happy with the weight you are - and you want to go on a diet - then people think oh it's a physical thing - that okay I'm just gonna stop eating this, stop eating that and do a little bit more walking, a little bit more exercise, but it's actually - it's a mental thing - and you need to change the way you're thinking in order to do all the other stuff.

So Gua sha is really useful in helping you do that - in changing what's going on inside your body - both in the physical body and within what we think is in the physical mind which, of course, is just our invention it doesn't mean anything - it's all the same thing inside.

Gua sha Techniques for Digestion and Weight Loss

What can you do with Gua Sha for your digestion in order to lose weight?

The Scalp

So let's start off with the scalp. There are two sections of your scalp which are really, really useful for this and both of them are connected with digestion. Now the first one is - I call it zone number 3 - and it's at the midline of your head and you've got to count 8 equal spaces going back from where your hairline starts. Or if you don't have hair - where your hairline did start or would start if you did have hair, and they're equal spaces towards the occiput at the back.

Now it's zone number 3 - so you're going back 1, 2, 3 - that is the one that affects digestion. Now the other area that affects digestion is across your forehead and there are 3 zones - so we've got zone 1 in the middle that's going back but then we've got 9, 10, 11 and it's number 10 - it's in the middle one - so it's a couple of centimeters either side of your midline and we're going to the second one so that's zone 10.

So these two are really useful for helping digestion and often in zone 10 you might have a feeling of nausea and that will be perfectly normal.

So watch the videos about Gua sha and losing weight:



Diagram of Gua sha application zones on the scalp for weight loss

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