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Lose Weight with Gua sha

Lose Weight with Gua sha

You may be wondering how scraping your skin with a tool can help you lose weight.

Well, it can!

But to avoid the sensational claims about Gua sha that are all too common, let me clarify.

There is no magic bullet with losing weight safely, you have to address your diet and you have to address your lifestyle but these alone are often not good enough.

The missing ingredient is that you have to address the state of your body! I often come across people who have changed their diet and have changed their exercise routine and still aren't seeing any changes to their weight. This is usually because there are underlying problems in the way the body is processing food. These problems might be in the digestive process itself or there be something else which is affecting the digestive process indirectly.

Whatever it is, it needs to be fixed. And this is where Gua sha comes in. There are some great places to use Gua sha on the following areas:

  • Scalp

  • Hand

  • Ear

  • Back

  • Arms

  • Legs

And I put them all together into 2 videos so you can see clearly what to do. I hope you like them.

So watch the videos about Gua sha and losing weight and comment, like and subscribe in YouTube for more great content.

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