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Read the Secrets of your Face

Did you know that your face can tell you a lot about your health and your personality?

I did a radio show last year about how the colours in your face reveal a lot about the state of health in the organs in your body. For example the area around the mouth can be yellow (which means an imbalance in the Spleen/stomach) or green (which means an imbalance in the Liver/Gall bladder). The area below or to the sides of your eyes can be blue (kidneys) or white (lungs).

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is an ancient Chinese practice of reading the face called Mien Shiang which is thousands of years old and says that the face records the past, reflects the present, and forecasts the future. Certain facial traits are inherited from your parents and your ancestors, while others are acquired in your lifetime but every part of the face reveals something significant. So if you can, check your face in a mirror and let us find out what some facial features mean.

Firstly the sides of the face have different meanings:

  • the left side represents the true, inner, private self.

  • the right side represents the outer, public self.

Suppose you meet someone who has a great smile, but you notice that the right side of their mouth goes up. That is probably someone who is hiding their emotions and they don’t feel, inside, as happy as they look, on the outside.

Take a closer look at your ears. Are they the same size? The same shape? Even the same height? It’s not unusual for the ears to be different, though most of us do not notice such differences unless we are looking for them.

  • The bigger your ears, the bigger the risks you like to take; the smaller your ears, the more cautious you probably are.

  • Long ear lobes are a sign of luck in old age, small ear lobes mean you focus on the present not the future.

  • If your earlobes are completely attached it means an attachment to the family but if they are more detached, it suggests you create your own family with your friends

Are your eyebrows dark and thick? If so, it is possible that you have a lot of passion and anger.

Thin eyebrows suggest a more passive temperament.

What if your left eyebrow is thicker than the other? Remembering that the right side of the face represents the outer, public self and the left side represents the inner, private self, you can see plainly that your face reveals that you feel more anger (inside) than you show (on the outside).

What about your eyes? The more open your eyes, the more open your heart.

Small eyes suggest you hide your emotions and like privacy.

Do you have high, prominent cheekbones? If you do, you are likely to be authoritative.

If your cheekbones are small perhaps you do not like being told what to do nor telling others what to do.

Lines between the eyes usually appear in the early to mid 30s and are frequently the first lines we notice on our own faces as well as on others.

  • 1 single, vertical line is connected with your liver and feelings of frustration

  • 2 vertical lines can mean you often feel impatient, irritable or annoyed.

  • 3 or more vertical lines suggest the ability to use anger appropriately.

A large mouth indicates a generous nature, whereas a smaller mouths suggest that their generosity is based on practicality more than emotion.

Big lips suggest you enjoy life to the full through touch, taste and smell. Thin lips suggest repressed emotions.

As we age our face changes. We get wrinkles and lines, dark spots and shadings. And though we tend to think negatively about them, these signs of experience are good because they are recording our passages of life. They are visual proof that we have been feeling the emotions of our experiences, struggling through our difficult times and learning the lessons of life.

So there you have it - an introduction to the art of Chinese face reading.


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