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What you must know about Facial Gua sha!

Facial Gua sha isn't about beauty, it's about life.

Many people see Facial Gua sha through the lense of commercialized beauty.

This is our warped modern ideas of the beautification of perfection whereby immaculate, smooth skin is seen as a goal to strive for. You're supposed to hide that which is imperfect and delay that which may show your life experience.

But if you break past the facade and look at what Facial Gua sha really does and, of course, should do, you see how it is all about reaching your potential.

🌷 We are the flowers that you see in the garden. If you put us in good soil, we grow. We drink the morning dew and raindrops from the sky. We absorb the heat of the day and rest under the stars. And when the time is right, that plain bud sitting on our stems transforms into a cascade of colors as our flower blooms and shines, glistening in the sun. 💐 It's when the plant reaches its full potential and when it is at its most beautiful.

This is Facial Gua sha.

It's not about perfection.

It's about helping someone reach their potential both on the inside and outside.

It's about bringing the radiance and vibrancy that exists in all of us out onto the skin for us all to see and appreciate.

Anything less than this is both to misunderstand what you are doing and to fail to see the real meaning of beauty. 👈

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